01/04/2015:Journal : Post Today Newspaper on 18 February 2015

Mr. Songyot shared " product value " strategy in the column E-Tips, Post Today Newspaper on 18 February 2015.

When we are talking about marketing strategy,"Reduced price" will be one of the strategy for entrepreneurs. Because they are thinking that this strategy will take a lot of sales to the business and sustainability.
Actually this strategy is not suitable on some businesses because it is not sustainable, not strong enough.

Mr. Songyot Khanthamanon, Chief Executive Officer of ReadyPlanet Co.,Ltd also have another strategy to guide as an alternative to the business owner especially who want to do the market through digital media.

The strategy will focus on selling the "value" of the product of cutting of the product price. It brings clear and steady profits.It also helps to build mental value of customer as well.

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