13/03/2015:Journal : how to shoot up to the newsfeed advertising

Advertising on Facebook is a trick that entrepreneurs should know how to shoot up to the newsfeed advertising is an effectiveness
and maximum results.

ReadyPlanet Shared the tips in the column @cool of Post Today Newspaper on Thursday, January 22,2015.

1. Try not to present only the product :
Should be share the photo about the user who used this product or image result of using the product.

2. Try to post the simple :
There is plenty of information on newsfeed and through the eyes of a facebook users just one minute.Therefore, the photo should be simple but meaningful.To reflect on what you want the most.
Making people look more interesting.

3. Try to use the photo / picture that reflects the brand image.

4. Try to use a short message on the photo and outstanding.
Facebook rules allow and accept the text in the photo not to exceed 20%.So should be used for short messages and place the wording in the good area that outstanding.

5. Try to use the photo/picture with high resolution and size is ready to fit and match with the Facebook tools.

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