12/03/2015:Content Marketing : 9 good behaviors of Facebook Posting

Nice to know : 9 good behaviors of Facebook Posting.

Entrepreneurs and business owners nice to know. What should i do and What i should not do for the posting on Business page. Try to make your fans more comfortable and want to do more business with you.

1. Do not post too often
Take 1 - 2 hours to make friends (or customers), to read, click like and share each post.

2. Should post that benefit to the fans.
Highlight and focus to the value and quality of content.

3.If you'd like to share the post of others.
By without using the share buttons. Do not forget to tag the owner page's posts too.


4. Do not post messages on the other business page and asking to like your page.

5. Do not post about complain or emotion on your business page because it will make unreliable page.

6. Use humor to reply. Make friendly with the customer in every reply message.

7. Do not copy other people's pages fainter. Used as its own

8. Business page should not post (comments) about religion and politics.

9. Do not promote their own proposals into the other people's business page (Or competitors page)

That's your Facebook business Page would have been a good response from the fans and customers want to use the service with you.

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